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End Meningitis Now!
A Project of Fitzgerald Rotarian
And Craftsman Stephen Pair

The Fitzgerald Friendship Bucket

Reviving the art of the “White Cooper”
while helping to eradicate Meningitis.

The Fitzgerald Friendship Bucket is a handcrafted work utilizing the tools and craftsmanship of an art which is becoming forgotten. White Coopering is the trade which makes buckets for wet and dry goods. It is being revived here to create a collector’s item along with helping to fund Rotary International District 6920 Governor Gary Smith’s fight to eradicate Meningitis. For each bucket sold either twenty-five or fifty percent, depending upon who sells the bucket, will be donated to this worthy cause.
By commissioning a bucket to be crafted, an individual will receive a bucket previously commissioned by an earlier supporter of this cause. Along with the bucket will be an information card to allow for an introduction and for a thank you card to be sent. This highlights half of the Friendship aspect, as the individual commissioning a bucket will also provide their contact information to accompany the next bucket crafted. It is encouraged that through these contacts, built on the mutual actions of complete strangers coming together to combat Meningitis, lasting Friendships can be established.
So for each Fitzgerald Friendship Bucket commissioned, and individual will be making a financial contribution, making two new friends, and become an owner of a piece of historical art and keep a working knowledge of White Coopering alive. A life may even be saved.

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Friends in the Fight Against Meningitis

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